"You talk as if a god had made the Machine.. Men made it, do not forget that. Great men, but men. The Machine is much, but it is not everything. I see something like you in this plate, but I do not see you. I hear something like you through this telephone, but I do not hear you. That is why I want you to come. Pay me a visit, so that we can meet face to face, and talk about the hopes that are in my mind."The machine stops - 1909 - Forster

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Using a free tool on line ( bubbl.us )I've created a mind map for the topic "Gymnastics in my life". It's very simple to use and you can use it to create yours, if you like. Just go to
bubbl.us and start mind mapping! If you prefer traditional ways, draw your mind maps on a piece of paper. It's the same.

Now, write down your first subtitle, using as many stuctures as possible. Good work!


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend(topic):
His physical appearance:

For me my boyfriend is the most beautiful boy in the world. I love him and, I think, he love me....
He is 15 years old and he live in Vercelli, a very nice city...in my opinion Vercelli is nicier than Mondovì.
He is 1,70 metres tall, his eyes are as blue as the sea. He has short brown hair and he is very nice and romantic, in fact every evening he send me very romantic sms, but for me love isn't write sms but when you want to make him happy and not when you need him to be happy. I hope for we stay together for all of our life, because he is a very special boy for me and in August we was very happy at the sea and we looked the stars in the sky...
This summer if we meet at the sea, I will be very happy...

Eleonora Delfitto £^A

Anonymous said...

Eleonora Crippa
My brother: good luck or bad luck?
Identikit of a pest
My brother is Gabriele and he is twelve years old. He is tall but less tall than me and thin as a skeleton!!
His eyes are brown and he has got short spicky fary hair, like me (for the colour).
He sometimes wears a pair of light red glasses and he has the brace.
In my opininon my brother isn't very handsome and I'm sure other people think it...! Anyway Gabriele is a very nice and fun person but it is pessimistic... For example on last Tuesday my parents and him went to the hospital of Fossano for to do a magnetic resonance imaging at the knee and he said to all of family: "no, no! I'm sure tomorrow it will be orrible: I won't more able play basketball!!". At the moment we attend but we are impatient especially Gabriele... He is mean: we must present him something but he mustn't presents us anything (in his opinion...).
In his free time he loves playing guitar and playing basketball but at the moment he can't play it because a problem at the knee. I tihnk he prefers playing basketball to playing his favourite musical instrument.
He is good singer: my mother says it nearly always... He likes listening to music of Sonohra and English and American songs.
He doesn't mind watching tv but on Saturday evening and on Sunday he usually watches football matches with my dad: he likes them because when he is nine he played football...
He hates reading because he thinks it is useless and boring: he always quarrels with my mum because he doesn't want read and my mother doesn't agree with him.
By Ele 3° B = ]

Anonymous said...

Topic: My LaSt SuMmEr HoLiDaY iN sArDeGnA
My friends I went with:

Last summer was the best in my life!! Because I went to Sardegna, a big island of Italy.
Here I went with a lot of friend that they’re bigger than me, but it isn’t very important!!=) I meeted them two years ago, in my country fair; unlucky I’m very, very shy and when I meet new people, I have a small problem!! But I don’t worry!! =))
I love my friends, because when I’m with them, I feel self confident and very happy!! In fact I usually go out with them.
I went here with my friends because I wanted meet new people, do new experience and new things and, about all, have my first holiday without my parents and my sister. It’s incredible!!
My friends I went with are friendly, funny, determined, honest, popular and talkative. I hope, one day, I’m going to be as them, about all talkative!! =o]

By Francesca III D

Anonymous said...

topic:music in my life
first subtitle: music i like.
In my life there are lot of music. Music I love is techno music and music I like is commercial music. I prefeer techno music because this is us crazy us me and because it reminds me of good time. I like commercial music because it is always in all radio(KissKiss,RDS, Fantastica...)and because also Laura Pausini sing it and I love Laura pausini; in my future dreams I'm going to became as she because I love sing but I prefer sing her sing!!!!!!!!!
By Lara 3^c

Anonymous said...

first subtitle: MY BEST FRIEND!

In my class there are four people which are very important for me.. they are Francesca, Carola, Sara and Beatrice! (:

Now, I'm speaking about Francesca!!
She is tall and a bit robust; she has got blonde hair and brown eyes, she wears very confortable clothes and black glasses!
She is very beautiful and nice! (: In my opinion find her was a very wonderful treasure, beacuse she helped me to understand when a thing is wrong or correct, when ask sorry etc.
My classmates, two months ago, invented a family; and they wrote I am Francesca' daughter; so, when I want speak with her, I called her "MUM"! , isn't it fantastic??

Another best friend I have is Carola!
She isn't very tall, but she is very thin!!! She has got brown and quite long hair, her eyes are borwn and small!
I met her when I was six years old, we did Primary ans Secondary school together! (:
Carola is a very helpful girl, in fact, when her friends need help, she is always ready! She is also sweet, when she wants she seems a child!!!! (:
Our nickname is very corious, because we calles us " Befana"! This name was born when I went with my parents in her home for Twelfth Night!
When we were seven years old, we started dance in a gym of Mondovì. We go three times a week. We live for dance!!!! (:

Sara is one of my best friends, because she is very nice annd I know she doesn't go to speak with other of my secrets, so I confide all my things to her!She has got brown hair with blonde highlights, her eyes are brown!
I met her when I was three years old! she is fantastic for me! (.
She love speaking foreigh languages, in fact English and French are th only subjects she studies!
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon I go to courses of French and Englsh with her; and I have a lot of fun!!!!! (:

The last friend I speak is Beatrice: she is a bti robust, but very tall less as me!her hair are brown with blonde highlights and her eyes are brown adn not very big!
Our friendship was born only in this winter, but it was a treasure for me! Because have a friend as her is wonderful!!!(:
With her, I live unforgettable moments; we laugh for nothing, we tell jokes..... weare CRAZY!!!! (:

Commented by Valentina Amato

Anonymous said...

(first point) WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE

When I was a child, I wanted to have a big friendly dog. I could called him “Marley”. Now, I have a “special” dog, her name is Noa. She is two years old, nearly three. She was born the 12th April 2007. She is a Labrador Retriever. Her coat is short, straight and fair. Her eyes are big and brown. Her glace is lovely. Her nose, her big nose, is black and pink. Her ears are soft and pendent. Her tail is long and thick. Her neck is vigorous. She is muscular. She is friendly, funny, crazy, patient , obedient and . She is nice, very, very nice but she is lazy, too. I love her and I like staying with her. I think that I couldn’t find a dog better than her!!!
by Arianna 3^C

Giuly said...

My topic: "My fantastic cousin"
First point: "What she looks like"

I have a fantastic cousin! Her name's Maria Elena and she's ten years old. She was born on the 19th November 1999. She has lots of nicknames and my favourite is "mary". She's 1,40 m tall. She's slim and she has a heart-shaped face. Her complexion isn't pale. Her hair is blond straight and short. I adore it!! Her eyes are big and as dark as the night. Her nose is a bit snub and straight. She has thin lips. Two months ago, she had a wonderful haircut!! She had curly hair with a fringe! Next week, I'm going to cut me the hair in the same way... In my opinion, Maria Elena is a pretty girl. She is also gentle, helpful, creative and very nice! =) For me she is the best cousin in thye world!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eleonora Crippa
My brother: good luck or bad luck?
The best moments with him
I like staying with my brother because when I'm not angry with him we have a lot of fun...
For example I remember when we were at the sea this summer with our family and during the afternoons we sometimes made a lot of sandcastles and we played football and beachvolley; other times when the weather wasn't very good (for example it was cloudy) we took our bikes and we went to the city centre and we ate ice-creams, we went to the amusement arcade and we spent all of our pocket money: after our parents were angry with us...!!!
At home we have a "boungalow": it was the house of our parents when our "very" house was building... So at the moment we stay into it during the summer and there we do the summer homework: this summer there were us and other three our friends that they live in Genova. We played at Cluedo but my brother and his friends always cheatted because they wanted to win... When they were unberable my friend and I got angry but it wasn't important because anyway we had a lot of fun...
When we were children, we made a sort of secret refuge under my bed... I'm goig to spread: we moved the containers that there were under my bed, we took a blanket, we fixed it on some grips and finally we went into our "refuge" and we spoke... Yes we spoke about our family, about our softbears and about the elementary school. We were happy when we spent time together because I love him and I think he loves me too...!!
I prefer staying with him when we don't quarrel but anyway I like speaking, singing and dancing with him.
I think Gabriele is a very nice person because he is always in a good mood, so I like spending my time with him!!!! =D
By Ele 3°B =]

Giuly said...

My topic: "My fantastic cousin"
Second subtitle: "Her nice likes"
So... My cousin has nice likes! She loves dancing and skiing and she practises them very well!! I would like to learn to skii but I'm hopelless at it!! Then she enjoies playing volleyball and swimming. So... Generally she adores doing sports!! Then, she likes playing videogames with me... but I'm always the winner!! =) Her favourites subjets are Maths and History. She is bad at English, in fact, last week I helped her to create a small story in English. Then, her favourites food is pizza like me and her favourites coluor is red. We have the same likes but I hate playing volleyball!!!

Anonymous said...

Eleonora Crippa
My brother: good luck or bad luck?
The best moments with him
I want say that I usually hate my brother because I always quarrel with him for various "problems" but we SOMETIMES don't quarrel and we can speak normally!! But I must say that he always defends me when someone makes fun me and I'm very proud for this! Mainly I say that I hate my brother because there are my friends...
I quarrel with him for various reasons: for example we quarrel about TV's perograms, about who stays in front of in the car... For this our mother get angry with us: she doesn't want we quarrel for these sillynesses.
I'm sure there are people more stupid than Gabriele but up to now I haven't met any person as unbearable as him so I think he is the most silly in.. in the world! I hope he will become a intelligent and sensible boy...
We usually quarrel everytime and everywhere: for example we quarrel at the swimming pool! When we are there we usually swim but my friend Francesca comes with us so he wants show oneself and he splashes us and he shouts. He asks to us about our likes and dislikes and it is really intolerable!! So I grab him by the arm and I put him where the water is very tall and after I return to my friend... We are more quiet!!! But after he goes to our mother and she scolds me! =(
I remember last Sunday when my brother and I quarrelled because both wanted to stay near my dad at the restaurant: my father works in Milano and he stays at home only fiew days so when he is with us there is a sort of competition between who stays more time with him... So our dad said: "Ok, I stay between of us; do you agree?" and we replied: "Yes of course dad, it's perfect!" while we was thinking "my brother or my sister is really unbearable!".
The end by ELE 3° B

Anonymous said...

The third subtitle isn't "the best moments with him" but "the WORST moments with him"... Exscuse me!! =D BYE!!!!
Ele 3B

Anonymous said...

my best friend
third subtitle: our future
next year me and marghe are not going to go to the same school but to different school....
if I think that I'm very sad because I don't want to separate from her....
next year I hope we usually will hang out together... for example we can go to the cinema or to the pizzeria.... but I'm sure this summer we will meet a lot of time because we live in the same country....
now we're going in the same school and I wuold like that isn't going to finish soon.... I hope she won't forget me as I won't forget her!!
I would like to travel with her.... for example in England, French but New York too....
we could take the airplane and travel all the word... but I don't think it's possible.... but dream is free...
maybe we can go to tripe together or she can to come to my house and I can to come to her....
by cristina lanza 3^A

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher!! I'm Eleonora from 3 B and this is my last subtitle... I hope you'll like it...=D
My brother: good luck or bad luck?
Fourth subtitle: my hopes for him
It isn't easy describe my hopes for my brother, but I can try...
I asked to him what job he would do in his future and he is idecisive... About two years ago, he wanted become a baker... He said to his family: "When I'm going to be grown-up, I'm going to become a baker: the bakers are good and nice people and I'm good and nice... It's perfect!" but my mother replied: "Do you know that if you are going to become a really good baker, as good as Francesca's father, you'll must get up early, about at five o' clock and you'll can have a rest only in the afternoon?". But he wasn't troubled by it because he said: "I always get up early!". But now the situation is changed, because I don't know what job he would like do... But he has again one year to decide the right school for himself...
The most warried about this is my father: I think it is more usefull for my brother go to work with him (because he has a business of his own) than spend other five years and not get anything. My mother and I don't agree with him because: first anyway he must study again for at least two years, up to he is sixteen, and second we think Gabriele is less stupid than other people and he can study for other five years.
I hope my brother is going to become a doctor or a lawyer, but a doctor or a lawyer well-paid, not a worker less paid than other but the best worker in the world... Yes, I know, it is impossible, but anyone can prevent me from dreaming!! I think he is going to be a good and serious student, not more... About this my hope is that my brother is going to put into action a extremelly good way to study and to do his homework for facing up to his future school.
I sometimes dream that he will become a prisoner but I hope that it doesn't happen!!!
I prefer imagining that Gabry and I will become a famous duet: we will sing and play our favourite musical instruments, the guitar and the piano, and the people will know us because we will be the best!!

Giuly said...

My topic: "My fantastic cousin"
Last subtitle: "Our future plans"

When me and my cousin were little children, we imagined our future!! I'm older than her and we can't go to the same school, at the same year and in the same class... but we would like to go to Liceo Linguistico. Elisabetta, another of my cousins, did it and she adviced this school to us. She told us that this school prepare its students very well! I'm sure to go to Liceo Linguistico, in fact I already enrolled at it for the next year!! Well... my cousin adores dance and she would like to become a extremely good dancer. Then, we would like to travel in England and visit its wonderful things. In fact, next year we're going to go to London with our parents! I hope we will have a lot of fun. But the our biggest dream is buying a big house with six floor and three swimming pool in Los Angeles, near Brad Pitt's! So, if we are successful, we'll earn a lot of money and our dream will become real!! We hope it will be exactly!! =))) But now, we'll have to commit at school, if we want to be two "VIP" people!