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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Shopping time!!!

Watch this video and answer the following question: what's the meaning of "shopaholic"?

Then do some exercises on line:
1) listen to this conversation in a shop and do the quiz
2) listen to the conversation again but this time also read the dialogue
3) listen again and try the completion text

Next, there's a vocabulary exercise, to help you learn the words for shops.

Finally, answer the following questions ( RULE : 1 for 3 that is to say: at least 3 sentences for each question )
a) When do you usually go shopping?
b) Where do you usually go shopping?
c) What's your favourite shop?
d) What did you last buy?
e) Do you usually get pocket money?
f) Is there anything special you can buy in your town?
g) Who do you usually go shopping with?
h) Are there any malls in the place where you live?
i) Can you make a comparison between small shops and malls?
l) What are your favourite presents to buy?


Anonymous said...

Shopaholic, for me, means "spendaccione"...
A_ I usually go shopping on Monday or on Sunday, but it dipends: if I have too much homework I can't go shopping!! I prefer do good homework to go shopping... Do you think that I'm crazy???
B_ I usually go shopping to mondovicino: it is a big shopping centre with the "outlet". But in this summer I went to "Centro Sarca", an ENORMOUS shopping centre: it has four floor!!!
At the first one there is the supermarket; at the second one there is the shopping centre; at the third one there is some restaurants, fast-foods, ice-cream parlours and other shops; and at the last floor there is the cinema: this has ten cinema halls!!!
C_ My favourite shop is the mondovicino's bookshop: here all of times that I go, I always buy a book. I enter in this shop and I spend into it lot of time because I don't ask for a specific book, so... I browse round the shop!
D_ My last buy is been... a book! This book is called "Giuro di dirti la verità ma tu non credermi": yes, the title is very long but the book is wonderful!! I haven't read him yet, but I have read the plan inspire me so I have bought it!!!
E_ Yes of course! I always get my pocket money: you know how it is... If I find a good object, I buy it, but only if it isn't much expensive... I'm not a rich person!!!
F_ In my town??? First Frabosa Sottana isn't a town, but only a village and second... Is there here anything special??? Only thing is very good, for me: the bread!! It is delicious!
G_ I usually go shopping with my family but: to the bookshop I go with my mum; to a boutique I go with my mum; to "Gamestore" (it is a videogames' shop) I go with my brother; to "euronics" I go with my dad...It dipends for the shops!" =D
H_ In the place where I live there isn't any malls, but in Villanova there are two supermarket: "Sigma" and "Famila"; but in these we can buy principally food! Also "Famila" sells some books... =]
I_I think that the best are the small shops: yes of course, in the malls we can find more things, but in a small shop there is more choice! My dad says me that the small shops goes bankrupt because of malls; and I'm agree with him!
H_ My favourite presents to buy... They aren't books!I like buying it only for me! I like buy jewels, mainly jewellery, because the gold or silver jewels are too many expensive for me! Also I don't like wear gold or silver jewels very much; I like also buy (for present) CDs, albums for photos and lots of other things but the list is long...!
Eleonora Crippa 3°B

Daniela Tomatis said...

Hi Eleonora!
I also like the bookshop in Mondovicino because I like the idea of so many books, piles of books and shelves full of printed paper..yes..I think that "paper" has sort of irresistible charm..you can touch pages, "feel" the words...Anyway,even if I love traditional paper books, recently I've been thinking of buying Kindle, which is a great tool for readers...I mean, a new way of reading, it's like a portable library...have you heard about it yet?
If you haven't, watch this video
This one is a bit longer but, maybe, more useful to fully understand what Kindle is.
Let me know what you think about this device.

Daniela Tomatis said...

Sorry, the link for the second video is the following:


Anonymous said...

Ok I have watched the first video: wow!!! Kindle is very good! Maybe I'll ask to my parents that they can buy it for me!! =]
But I can't watch the second one... For my computer this link is nonexistent!
Thank you for the informartion!
Eleonora Crippa 3°b

Daniela Tomatis said...

Copy and paste the link..maybe this way it'll work...

Anonymous said...

for me shopaolic means "shopping dipendente
beatrice ledonne

Anonymous said...

I think "shophaolic" is "shppping maniaco". emanuele 3d

Anonymous said...

For me "shopaholic" is dipendente dallo shopping.

1) I usually go shopping on Sunday or Saturday afternoon. A once upon I went to Mondovicino on Thursday. It dipends also from the homework for the following day or if I have dance lesson.

2) I go shopping to Mondovicino or on the shops of Mondovì center. In the last summer I went in Sicily and I musted buy a dress for a married, so I went in a very interesting shop, because there weren't shop assistant and I didn't see the dress, but I read a book with ictures of dress and you musted choose with a remote control!!! It's very interesting but the clothes were wonderful!!! =)

3)My favourite shop is "PImkie" of Mondovicino. It is wonderful, because there are clothes for teenagers but also for adults. There, you can find all the type of clothes. For me,it is the best shop of Mondovicino and it has the best clothes of other shops!!!

4) My last buy is.. or ARE.... two trousers, two sweatshirt and a tracksuit.
Two trousers is of Betty Boop and Tweety, they are fantastic and now I am using them practically all the days.
Two sweatshirt is of Tweety and Snoopy. One is black and one is white.
The tracksuit is of Tweety and it is black: I use this in a lesson of moderne dance and it is comfortable!!!
I but these clothes because I love cartoons. At school, some of mine friends call me "Tweety", perhaps because I am very sweet, aren't you???

5)No, I don't get pocket money, because my parents don't have me money. When I find a very interesting objetct, I will ask at my mother of father, and then more pleas, you will but his for me!!! At my house, it functon like this!!!!

6)I agree with Eleonora, because we live in the same village, if we call like this!!! =P..In my town, I usually don't but anything, but sometimes it happens!!! The shop I liked best is the minimarket, because they have a lot of good things, the only negative thing is the price, there are very expensive things!!!=)

7) I often go with my parents, but also with my friends. Obviously, I have a lot of fun with friends!!! A day, I went to Mondovicino with my frind of Torino and we stayed in the fitting rooms one hour, because we did photos and we did as the models!!!

8) In the place where I live there isn't any malls, only a minimarket but it is MINI!!! =).. My mum does the shopping in Famila of Villanova. When we go in Mondovicino, we go to Ipercoop, it is the bigger than Famila, but for me Famila has more cheap things.

9)I prefer msmall malls to very big malls!!! First you can have more choice as Eleonora said, and second I lose me in a very big malls, so, for avoid incovenients, I always go in the small shops!!! =) Do you agree with me??

10) I like very much but jewels. Sometimes, for but these things, I go to "ORALBA"'s shop in Mondovì. It is a very small shop, but full of wondeful objects!!! I like also buy the books, above all for Eleonora of 3^B =)=) =)... By the way, I also but t-shirt or clothes.. !

commented by Amato Valentina 3^D...

Daniela Tomatis said...

HiValentina! Yes, I agree with you...I always get lost in big shopping centres and I just look around wasting a lot of time...
By the way, when you go to Oralba, ask for a discount..the shop assistant is a blonde, nice woman I know quite well..:))

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, teacher!
For me,"shopaholic" is maniaca dello shopping.

a)I usually go shopping on Sunday or Saturday afternoon.But, it dipends because i do my homework and my parents work.I like shopping because it relax me...

b)I usually go to Mondovicino or Mondovì Breo.Unfortunately there aren't lots of shops in Prato Nevoso...But I dont worry because my sister, every day, go to Mondovì for to go to school; so I can go shopping!!

c)Well... My favourite shop is Bata. I love it! Because it has fantastic clothes,particularly the flat shoes and the handbag. In fact i have a pair of black flat shoes and a black handbag with a beautiful fairy.They're fantastic!!

d)My last buy are a blue, white and black micropile and a fabulous white and very small computer.The first i bought in Prato Nevoso, in a clothes' shop; the second, I bought last week at Mondovì, in a computer's shop.I relly like it, in fact i'm using now for to do this homework!! =0)

e)Yes, I usually get my pocket money because my parents know that I'm cheper than my sister!!!In fact my sister buy clothes and shoes and accessories.She adore going shopping!In my pocket money I usually have twenty or forty euros, just for to buy a pair of shoes or a shirt.

f)In my town, there isn't anything special I can buy,appart the clothes for winter, for example my micropile.I agree with Eleonora and Valentina,but i don't agree for the bread because my father is a baker and he works in Prato Nevoso.I love his bread!!! =)

g)Well...Dipend!When my sister has free time, I go shopping with her and I spend a fantastic afternoon with her!!!When my friends are free, I go shopping with their and I spend all day for hang out with my friends!!!!

h)Where I live there aren't any malls,there are only minimarkets,aliments' shop and one tobacconist's shop.But I like this my village!!!In fact it's a ski resort.

i)I agree whit Eleonora and Valentina.I don't like the big malls very much,because...I love small shops!!They are very beautiful!!In fact,in Prato nevoso,there are lots of small shops and I like hanging in this shop with my friends!!
l)Mmmm...My favourite presents to buy? Well,there aren't a few!!For example I like buying the adventure books,a blouse with a pair of jeans,the necklaces with the bracelets, or one thigs that I do with my hands and with my love and <3 heart <3...

By Francesca Ponzo cl 3^D

Daniela Tomatis said...

Hi Francesca...I'm just back from Prato Nevoso..you're right ...it's a nice ski resort..maybe a bit too crowded on Sundays...and yes, your father's bread is delicious!! :)
So, great news!! You've got a brand new computer!! Use it for learning English..on line there are a lot of free resources..from songs to stories, listening activities, grammar exercises....And don't forget Annie's blog...

Anonymous said...

a_I usually go shopping in the week-end, because in the rest of the week i always do my homework.

b_I usually go shopping in mondovicino...because in it there are some beautiful shop...

c_My favourite shop is in mondovicino, and it is bijou brigitte.

d_I last buy a earring...it is very beautiful.

e_yes, I usually get my pocket money because my parents would to I'm indipendent

f_no, because in my town there aren't shop...

g_I usually go shopping with my parents, but always with my mother

h_no, in the place where I live there aren't malls.

i_malls are bigger than small shop...

l_my favourite present to buy is a pair of shoes...

in the first quiz i make 100% and in the second too, but one time 86% after 100%



Giuly said...

A: Hi!! I usually go to shopping on Thursday or on Saturday. It dipends: if I have a lot of homework, I go to do it on Saturday... But I prefer doing shopping on Thursaday, because there are few people!!
B: I usually go shopping to Mondovicino or in the Mondovì center. I also really like the Cuneo's shops...
C: My favourite shop is the Mondovicino's bookshop like Eleonora. There, I spend a lot of time with Cristina, Sara and Margherita (my best friends). I always find the book I want! I often buy books that speak of the rockstars' life. I think they're very interesting... Now, I would like to buy New Moon, another book of "Twilight" saga. I also like "Pimkie" and "St. Diego", two wonderful shops where there are fantastic clothes for teenegers!!! Then, I don't mind "Athletis world". I adore Converse shoes!!!! <3
D: So... Yesterday I went to Cuneo and I bought an Eastpack school bag to "Barone Rosso". It has lots of strips red, black and white... Then I bought a black invernal jacket.
E:No, I don't get pocket money. My parents don't approve it because they think I rarely help them. But when I want to buy something (but it mustn't be too expensive) they get me the money.
F:Ehm... No... Monastero is a very very small country. There isn't neither an ice-cream shop!!
G: I usually go shopping with my mum. We always go in clothes shop. But, she never want to go at the "Euronics" and so I go there with my dad.
H:In the place where I live there isn't any malls. My mum go shooping at the "Famila", in Villanova.
I: I think the malls are much better than the smalls shop because they're big and we can find a lot of all!!!
L: I love buying clothes and shoes... Then, I also really like buying videogames... All, of course, fo me!!

Anonymous said...

I think "shophaolic"means shoppingmania: shopping compulsivo or maniaca/o dello shopping.
1)I listen the conversation and then I do the quiz.. I do 100%..is easy.
a) Iusually go shopping on sunday afternoon with my family..but sometimes I go shopping on saturday with my friends..because I love going to shop!! For example yesterday I went to shop..I bought clothes, sunglasses, jacket, tie..for carneval..because today I did carnival wagon with my dance school..we did blues brothers..
b)I usually go to Mondovicino, but sometime I go to Auchan. Auchan is a big shopping centre as Mondovicino. It is in Cuneo. In this there are many shops.. as in Mondovicino.. but this is bigger than Mondovicino. But I prefer..Mondovicino.
c)I love clothes shop..but I haven't a favourite shop.. for example I love Terranova or Pimkie (shop in Mondovicino) but I love Jennifer (shop in Auchan). I love
"Bjour Brigitte".In it I usually buy bracelet adn necklaces.
d)My last buy are: t-shirt, sunglasses. The t-shirt is "lilla" and on there is a cat..is the white and nice cat of "aristogatti".Its name is Minù. I like it. I bought it in Terranova. Then I bought black sunglasse for carneval. I bought it in "Bjour Brigitte".
e)I seldom get my pocket money.. but not always because my parents give money only ... in my birthday.or..in christmas holiday.
G)I usually go to shop with my friends.. and my parents. for example I go it with..my group of best friends,JAM: with Alice and Jessica, or with my best friends of dance: Elisa and Sara.
h)Yes.. but only one because I live in a small country: Madonna Del Pasco..and there are few people...buy in it. This shop is very small and in it we can buy food or thinks for school. I seldom go in it but not often. But it is very nice.
i) I prefer small shop. Because in the very big shop I lose in it. The small shops are nice..the big shops are nice too, but in the very big shops there are many things .. and we can not see them all.
l)My favourite presents are ..photos with me and my friends, because for me there are very important the friendship of me and my friends and I want to remind. Infact when my friends go to my house..I do many photos with they, friendship of true friends you must remember.
Ramondetti Morgana 3A

Daniela Tomatis said...

Hi Morgana!! So you went to the Carnival Parade..I guess you had a lot of fun...

Daniela Tomatis said...

Giulia! Have you set up your personal blog?? Let me know the site...
For Eleonora...I think you've forgotten the rule 1 x 3...which is a very important one for the Trinity exam...you still have time, if you want to say more..

Giuly said...

For me the meaning of "shopaolic" is "shooping dipendente". I would like to set up a personal blog, but I have no idea what I will write. =)

Daniela Tomatis said...

It could be a good idea..anyway, you're right..first you have to make up your mind what to write..

Anonymous said...

Do I write the ansewrs on a peace of paper or on a comment?

Anonymous said...

for me "shophaolic" is dipendente dello shopping.
a)I usually go shopping on sunday or saturday.I usually go shopping in my free time, when I have finish my homework.
b)I usually go shopping to mondovicino, because is very supply.I sometimes go to Auchan but I prefer Mondovicino because I like its shops
c)I don't have a very favourite shop...I like all shop on Mondovicino and almost all shop on Auchan. I prefer shops in villages, for example on the sea because I find clothes, bracelet typicals of the place.
d)My last buy is a scarf, a checked scarf.
e) I seldom get pocket money, but usually my parents give me money for feasts.
f)I can buy many thing in Villanova, where I live, but I think it isn't very special thing.
g) I usually go shopping whit my family or my parents, but I sometimes go shopping whit my friends... and i like go out whit my friends.
h) in Villanova there are the incoop and the famila, but I can buy food in these malls.
i)I prefer smalls shop because, in my opinion, malls are too much big.
l) I like buy useful things, I like buy also books...
by Bellino Daisy 3°C

Anonymous said...

a)I go to shopping when there are the sales.I go to shopping when I must buy a present. but I go to shopping also when I necessitate of new things.
b)I usually go to shopping at mondovicino,or montello. but I go in all shop. I never go in the chineses' shop.
c)my favourite shop is "the pentagono" in mondovicino. in fact when I go here I stay for half hour. I love the things who it sell.
d)my last buy is the cd of new moon and a cd of lady gaga. I love this singer. but I also by a ruler.
e)yes, i don't go out without my pocket money. I have 8 pocket money! my favourit is the light blue pocket money of eastpak.
f)in my town there isn't a specil shop, but in the hyaberdasher sell the betty boop socks.
g)I usually go to shopping with my mother. but I go to shopping also with my father. I seldom go to shopping with friends.
h)no, because roccaforte is very small.
i)I prefer the malls because there are more thing then a little shop. so you can find a more of thing.
l) I prefer to buy the fairies of the shop "pentagono". I love them because they are very great and funny.

beatrice ledonne

Anonymous said...

shophaolic is dipendente dello shopping.
a)I usually go shopping on saturday whit my family but sometimes I go also on saturday.
b)I usually go shopping at Mondovicino, because I like the outlet.I go also to the Auchan, but I prefer Mondovicino...
c)I haven't a very favourite shop...but I prefer book's shop at clothes' shop.
d)my last buy is a book: La Luna e i Falò...for the school.
e)I rarely use pocket money because my parents give me money for feasts, and I don't buy very much...
f)I can buy many thing in Villanova...but I think there aren't very special...
g)I usually go shopping with my family or my parents....but sometimes I go shopping with my friends...I love go out with friends.
h)in Villanova there are the incoop and the famila, but I can buy food in these malls...
i)the malls are very big, but I prefer small shop because are nice and traditionals...
l)I love buy books and useful things...I don't like jawels very much...
by Bellino Daisy 3°C

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the meanig of SCHOPAHOLICH is “shopping dipendente” and my answers are
a) I usually go to shopping on Sunday. The homeworck for Monday are maths, science, literature and technique and for Monday there are the test of technique once a week and if I don’t study the day before the texst I don’t remember any thing and then I don’t go every Sunday to shopping!
b) I usually go to mondovicino. I love go to the “puma” shop: it is in mondovicino’s outlet. When my mum and my dad don’t worck we (mum dad little sister and me) go to Serravalle Scrivia: on there ther is an enormous outlet and I love go to the “Lonsdale” shop: it’s fantastic; there are a lot of casual clothes and I LOVE CASUAL CLOTHES
c) My favourite shop are puma shop, Lonsdale shop and dach shop. The first there is on mondovicino and Serravalle Scrivia(the most important); the second is only on Serravalle Scrivia and the third is on mondovicino and Serravalle Scrivia.
d) My last buy? Well… my parents did it. They were to Serravalle Scrivia and I was to school!!! They buy for me a pairs of blue shoes, a sweet –skirt and a track suit
e) No, because my parents always say that I’m not a steadfast person! But on cristmast and on my birthday my grand-parent give me a lot of money!! I love they not only because they give me a lot of money but because they are fantastic!!!!
f) In y town, then In Villanova??? NOOOOOOOOOT in Villanova!!!!! There aren’t shops!!! There is only one shop that Iike… the hair dresser(Nella e Oriana)
g) I usually go shopping with my parents for two motives: first because my friends walck very quicly, second because my mum has a good tastes
h) Yes, there is “famila” and “in coop”. This is a new mall but it’s very similar to the old mall. I prefer Famila because there is a lot of make up
i) I prefer the malls, yes of curse they are more expencive than small shops but they are very equipped and I love it. The small shop are good for the quotidian purchase!
l) My favorite present to buy is a sweet-skirt because it go well for the boy but also to the girl and I
adore a sweet skirt because I haven’t a lot of immagination!!!! I love buy gold too but not very
gold.. it’s very expencive for me!!!!!!! I’m not a rich person but I’m not a poor person too!!!!

Anonymous said...

for me "shopaholic" meaning "maniaco dello shopping".

a.i don't have a day for go to shopping...but i go when i will go to parties,for find pretty t-shirt, shoes and accessories.

b.I usually go to shopping to mondovicino,because is the nearer of all.
time ago,i went to rome for visiting my relatives and with them i went to Eclerc (if i remember well..) and here i had a lot of fun...but at this time i didn't love shopping,as now..what a pity..!! =(

c.my favourite shop is pimkie because here there are lots of cheap but pretty clothes..but usually i take a tour everywhere..

d.my last buy was a vest with written above LOVE for valentine...=)..then i bought a present for my friend's party..and also a little teddy bear that i gave as a present at my best friend Pamela and her did the same with me..

e.no,i don't get a pocket money,but sometimes my parents give me few money for eat out or for buy something.

f.in my town you can buy raschera,the good cheese done in the mountain..my father can do it and it is fantastic!!

g.i usually go to shopping with my sister or with Pamela,and i have a lot of fun with both...but more with Pamela..=)

h.in the place where i live there is none..=(..but is okay..

i.i prefer small shops than malls because in them you can't miss..=)..but in malls there are more things you can buy but you can't look at all them.

l.clothes,shoes and accessories..of course!!! =)

Anonymous said...

for me shopaholic is "shopping dipendente".... I agree with giulia....

a) I usually go shopping in the afternoon, or in the evening. I go shopping specially when I don't go to school, when I'm in holiday, because I haven't homework to do and I can spend more time to do this...
b) I went a lot of time to Mondovicino with my friend Margherita, Giulia, Sara, Azaria, Matteo, Gabriele... there we visited all the shops and one time, we went to sunglasses' shop, we tried the glasses and we took many photos, then the assistant come to us and she said we musted to go away.
c) My favourite shops are: Pimkie, because there I can find more beautiful dress; Bata because I love the shoes and there, my best friend bought my school bag.... I also like the bookshop because I like reading and I think read is very impourtant!!
when I go to Mondovicino with my brother, I spend a lot of time in the videogames' shop because he likes playing videogames very much. but when I went there with my friends, our amusement is the escaletor!!! it's very exciting!!
d) my last buy is a sweet-shirt. it's colour is red. when I went to Mondovicino with my friends, I bought with them a shirt for Giulia, a school bag for Sara, a sweet-shirt for Marghe and a skirt for Azaria (it was before Christmas)...
e) I get pocket money only when I help my mother to do somethings. when I get a good mark my parents don't give me anythings; but when I need somethings, my parents can buy it for me!!
f) no, I can't buy anything in my town, because Frabosa don't have any shops! it have only a tabacconist's, two bars, two backers'. there is a dress shop, but it will open in april, when in Frabosa there are lots of people and then it will close, again.
g) how I already say, I usually go shopping with my friends or with my family. but I prefer go shopping with my friends, because I have more funny!
h) no, in the place where I live there aren't any malls... but maybe the mayor want to open a casinò... but I'm not sure...
i) I think the shop is smaller than the malls and the shop is specific while the malls are bigger than the shops and they contain more shops. a mall can be Mondovicino, for example.
l) my favourite presents to buy are books, dress (jeans, shirt, sweet-shirt, shoes...).... but I also like buying videogames... of course!!!


Jeje =) said...

good evening teacher!! =)
In my opinion "shopaholic" means maniaca dello shopping.

A_ So, I usually go to shopping on saturday afternoon or in some of the week's evening.I prefer go to the shops on Saturday because I'm more peaceful and quiet than the others day. I haven't any things in my mind so I can have a lot of fun..beacause I love shopping!!

B_ I always go to Mondovi Breo's shops, because they have a lot of wonderful dress and other things. I also often go to Cuneo's and Torino's shops...but they are big malls, so when I go I spend a lot of time there...also from the morning to the late evening!!

C_ I My favourite shops( from Mondovi Breo) are "RUE SAINT MICHELLE", "SPORTING" and "SHU".I really enjoy "Zara" shops and "Miroglio" from Cuneo. but my favourite Torino's shop is safety "Fornarina".I think it is very cool!!
I also like "mondovicino" shops!

D_My last buy was a greate blue cap and a black and elegant jacket. =)..I really like them because they are nice, fashion and sportive at the same times..!

E_no...but my parents give to me the money when I go out with friends for buy new things.

F_Where I live there're a lot of malls. in Mondovì there's Mondovicino. near than Mondovì..in Cuneo there are "Auchan" and the "Grandà", but I never go to Grandà shops.so, in these malls we can find a lot of special things. no...my parents give to me the money only when I have to buy some things that they know. sometimes they find what I buy with my friends only when I came back home.

G_I often go to shopping especially with my friends: like Anna or Alice and Morgana and son...with them I have a lot of fun and some times we bought the same things!! but not for to be similiar but because we like the same things...I usually go to the malls, like Famila with my mother or all my family. but for exemple I go to Mondovicino with friends because it is near to Mondovì.

H_I live in Monastero vasco, a small country, so there aren't any malls, but only three or four little shops. they are like very small supermarket. but they are simply and nice.

I_On my idea malls are more funny because they have a lot of big or small shops each other,so we can find more things than the small shops....Maybe it's not true but is my opinion. but some people say that in the small shops is there a better material of dress...

L_my favourite presents to buy are shoes, all the different types..dress, sweetshirt, t-shirt, skirt and shorts...In short, all!! =)
Jessica Comino 3a

Anonymous said...

I am Noemi from 3B, for me "shopaholic" means maniaco dello shopping.
A_ i usually go shopping on Saturday or friday because in this days my mother doesn't work.so,I prefer go shopping on saturday because I haven?t to do many homework.
B- i usually go to Mondovicino outlet because it is the nearest of all. in this place you can find everything....
C- I haven't a favourite shop, but i love going to Calliope, Terranova, book shop,Pimkie and Bjout Brigitte. here you can buy earrings, necklace, bracelets....
D- my last buy was a beautifull and popular book. is name's "NEW MOON"......
i bought also a little Teddy beard for my little cousin, and a nice sweat-shirt for my mum.
E- rarely my parents give me a pocket money.. but when I go to work with my mum she give me a little poket money....
my dad give me it when I hang out with my friends....but for money I can go to my grandmother!!!!!!
F- where I live there aren't any mall because Madonna del Pasco is a very little but nice village next villanova....
there is a only baker's but his bread's delicius. it is more good than other baker's.
G- I usually go shopping with my special friends like Arianna, Jessica;Beatrice and Alice....... I have a lot of fun with him because they're very important for me!!!!!!
sometimes I go to famila with my parents... but I prefer go shopping with my friens for buy clothes.....
H- no..... in Madonna del Pasco there aren't any mall. for go shopping I prefer go to Mondovi......
I- I think that mall are better than small shop, because here you can find everythings. I belive than what Jessica has said is true....... I am agree with her =D.
L- My favourite presents to buy are books because my friends loves reading, earrings because they adores earrings and clothes because they are cheap.
Hi Everyone.....by NOE 3B

Daniela Tomatis said...

Hi Noemi! So you bought "New Moon"..have you read it yet?

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher! I'm Eleonora from 3°B: I'm sorry because I can't come to school but my mum isn't good and there is also a sort of snowstorm, but I want say to you that I can't listen your correction about my text about shopping! Anyway thank you!! =D
Bye bye 8D
By Ele

Anonymous said...

No because i have did too much homework in this week but i'm going to reading it........
By Noe 3^B