"You talk as if a god had made the Machine.. Men made it, do not forget that. Great men, but men. The Machine is much, but it is not everything. I see something like you in this plate, but I do not see you. I hear something like you through this telephone, but I do not hear you. That is why I want you to come. Pay me a visit, so that we can meet face to face, and talk about the hopes that are in my mind."The machine stops - 1909 - Forster

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Giulia ( subtitle 2 )

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Giuly said...

My topic: "My fantastic cousin"
Third sbtitle: "Our crazy experiences in Munich"
Last summer me and Maria Elena had a lot of fun in Germany, to Munich! We went there with our parents and we visited some castles. For example we saw the Neuschwanstein's castle; it's on a mountain and for reach it we musted walk and walk!!! The way was fairly long. While we were walking we competed because I wanted to arrived at the castles before her! Finally, we arrived together at it!! Then, we visited an extremely museum where it was a lot of rooms. Me and Mary rounded with our parents and suddenly we got lost!!! At the begin, we weren't very worried but after we didn't catch the exit and our parents. Fortunately we asked help to security and they showed us where it was the exit. So, we came back our parents! Also if we were worried we had a lot of fun!!! =))) I would like to go to Munich again bedcause I really love it, but I think the Italian food is much better than German food.